What is Direct Drive (DD) Motor?

Sinfonia Technology – DD Motor can transmit the torque of the electric motor directly to the driving objects. Without the use of any reductions such as belts, pulleys or reduction drives

● High Efficiency    ● Low Noise    ● Outstanding precision    ● High Reliability    ● Maintenance Fee

1.  Outer Rotor Mechanism

  • The outer diameter’s compact design enables to drive directly the roller, making it suitable for indexing rotation

2. High Resistance Bearings 

  • Simple and rigid structure for a higher load resistance

3. Hollow Diameter  ɸ 50 mm

  • Wiring and piping can be easily stored in  the hollow space of the motor, reducing the installation space.

4. Low Price

  • Model’s size reduction leads to a more competitive price matching today’s market needs.

*If using radial load, axial load and moment load at the same time, please contact us
*This motor can be used with any type of servo driver. However, when using a servo driver that differs from the one suggested, please be sure to use it below the rated current value

Total length (L) (mm)45105

Diameter (mm)φ150
Total length (L) (mm)113143173
Rotary side length (L1) (mm)96.5126.5156.5

Total length (L) (mm)120155

Thanks to the outer motor, it’s possible to build the motor inside the roller, saving space. So, it can work smoothly, avoiding uneven operations or movements

*Applications :
● Printing Equipment
● Coating Machines
● Films-Manufacturing Machinery
● Roll-feeders





Space-saving design for a more compact structure. As no reduction device is needed, hence it’s possible to avoid complex installations, improving its efficiency and reliability with no back lash
● Semiconductor making equipment
● Devices for manufacturing
● Liquid Crystal Display Panels
● Assembling Robots
● All kinds of indexing applications