The Linear Conveyor Module LCM is a transport system that features the module structure and high speed direct drive by a linear motor. It helps you build up highly value-added, general-purpose transport systems between processes. Featuring high speed, high accuracy, high speed motion from one point to another, assembly work on sliders, and motion of sliders in the reversed direction, the Linear Conveyor Module LCM achieves high throughput.

LCM - 100

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  • Improve takt time

  • Lower running cost

  • Long Service life

  • Shorter start-up time

  • Reduced transport line space

  • Increased throughput

  • Flexible line configurations

  • Excellent maintainability

1.  Two-second reduction in takt time

  • Reduced transfer time

  • High-speed and high-accuracy transfer

    • Max. speed: 3000 mm/sec.

    • Max. acceleration: 2G

    • Max. load mass: 15 kg

    • Repeated positioning accuracy: +/−0.015 mm (standalone slider) Note30% reduction in tact time

Note. This is the repeated positioning accuracy for a standalone slider when positioning from one direction (single-side approach).
Note. The positioning accuracy for the single-side approach after correction by RFID is 0.1 mm including the mutual difference between sliders.

2. Modular production allows highly flexible line structure

  • Save equipment space

  • Can be moved efficiently between processes with different takts

  • Workpieces do not need to be retracted

  • Significant reduction of start-up time

  • Construct branching lines, joint lines, and other lines in flexible configuration

3. Additional modules provide expandability.

Flexible set-up of the slider’s acceleration/deceleration, forward/backward movement, positioning, and other actions. The variety of possible line structures has been greatly expanded to supersede conventional models.

  • Belt modules can be selected

  • Easier to design and implement

Flexible set-up of the slider's acceleration/deceleration, forward/backward movement, positioning, and other actions.The variety of possible line structures has been greatly expanded to supersede conventional models.

4. Excellent maintainability 

  • Optimal for small batch production of various product types

  • Quick recovery by replacing the slider when machine trouble occurs

  • Easy maintenance

1. Linear Conveyor Module

Drive methodMoving magnet type, Linear motor with flat core
Repeat positioning accuracy+/−0.015 mm (single slider) Note1/
width 0.1 mm (mutual difference among all sliders) Note2
ScaleElectromagnetic type / resolution 5 μm
Max. speed3000 mm/sec
Max. acceleration2 G
Max. payload15 kg Note3 Note4
Rated thrust48 N
Total module length640 mm (4M) / 480 mm (3M) / 400 mm (for 2MT circulation)
Max. number of combined modules16 (total length: 10240 mm)
Max. number of sliders16 (when 16 modules are combined)
Min. pitch between sliders420 mm
Mutual height difference between sliders0.08 mm
Max. external size of body cross-sectionW 136.5 mm × H 155 mm (including slider)
Bearing method1 guide rail / 2 blocks (with retainer)
Module weight12.5 kg (4M) / 9.4 kg (3M) / 7.6 kg (2MT)
Slider weight2.4 kg / 3.4 kg (when the belt module is used.)
Cable length3 m / 5 m

Note1. Repeated positioning accuracy when positioning in the same direction (pulsating)
Note2. Positioning accuracy in the pulsating when using the position correction function with the RFID.
Note3. Weight per single slider.
Note4. When used together with the belt module, the max. payload becomes 14 kg since the parts dedicated to the belt are attached to the slider.

2. Belt Module

Drive methodBelt back surface pressing force drive
Bearing method1 guide rail / 2 blocks (with retainer)
Max. speed560 mm/sec
Max. payload14 kg
Module length640 mm (4B) / 480 mm (3B)
Max. number of sliders1 slider / 1 module
Main unit maximum cross-section outside dimensionsW 173.8 mm × H 155 mm (including slider)
Cable lengthNone
ControllerDedicated driver (Included)
Power supplyDC 24 V 5A
Communication I/FDedicated input/output 16 points
Module weight11.2 kg (4B) / 8.8 kg (3B)

3. LCC140 (controller for LCM100)

Controllable robotLinear conveyor module LCM series
Outside dimensionsW402.5×H229×D106.5mm
Main body weight4.8 kg
Input power voltageSingle-phase AC200 to 230V +/−10% or less (50/60Hz)
Maximum power consumption350VA (LCM100-4M 1 slider is driven.)
External input/outputSAFETY
RS-232C (dedicated to RFID)
RS-232C (for HPB / doubles as POPCOM+)
Network optionCC-Link Ver. 1.10 compatible, Remote device station (2 stations)
DeviceNet™ Slave 1 node
EtherNet/IP™ adapter 2 ports
Programming boxHPB, HPB-D (Software version 24.01 or later)